Love this write up by Belwood Music

Belwood Music just did a write up on Oparu and the new song Remember Me.

Belwood Music Oparu Review

There’s something incredibly moving and dramatic about the debut single from Oparu. This new musical project from LA based singer/songwriter Dianna St. Hilaire, a tireless and dedicated self-taught musician, is steeped in broody atmospheric tones pierced by her chilling operatic vocals. ‘Remember Me’ blends together electronica, dark 80s synth pop and classical styles to create a track that sounds like it should be echoing across some vast expanse of a breathtaking nordic landscape. The haunting and evocative track is brimming with pent-up emotion and gives an intriguing glimpse into the character of the artist behind it. If you’re looking for a stirring song that is simply bristling with passion, and with a tangible sense of catharsis, then look no further. There is an untapped well of beauty here just waiting to be discovered.