Interview with Original Rock!

I just did a great interview with Original Rock.

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We managed to catch up with Oparu as she talked about her latest single, working with Kim Fowley, new music and more!

So how has your debut single ‘Remember Me’ gone?

I am amazed by the great success that Remember Me has had. I am extremely grateful to have worked with Josh Stevens, who’s production elevated the song’s intricate beauty.

Tell us a little bit about the song

Remember Me is a song that deals with the deepest parts of the human soul. Longing for another human being and exploring the deeper reasons for hope and life.

How was it working with Kim Fowley?

Kim was like a father figure to me but was very difficult at times to figure out. He was a great person who had a musical understanding that most did not. Spiritually connected as a poet, he would get down to the very foundation of my personality and expose my feelings with music. Stay Teenage…

Will there be an EP/ Album on the way?

There is a definite EP on the way. Remember Me is just the beginning.

What is the music scene like in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has many avenues. Indie Pop, R&B, Heavy Metal, Industrial, Electronic, Goth, even cover bands from the 80’s. It’s a real eclectic mix. You never know what you will get. Even when you go to a show there are so many bands from different places and backgrounds, you may have a night of Hip Hop mixed with Bluegrass.

What kind of genre would you describe yourself?

As hard as it’s been to classify my music into one place it seems that it falls in Electro Pop and Ethereal.

Are you looking to go on a tour soon?

At the moment I am focusing on the release of my new material. Definitely, you can expect a tour in the future.

How much does it mean to you to see people listen to your music?

Music is powerful, it is a unique connection to the universal consciousness. It means so much to me and is an honor to be a part of that process.

What is your view on the recent US Election?

This election has created so much hate, separation, injustice, rage, fear, and chaos. We are fighting like animals and are bullying each other like children. I feel that we are moving backwards instead of forwards in our thinking. Whether it comes from music or from some other place we need to find what will make us whole inside and lift us. There is a need for enlightenment now more than ever.

If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Tori Amos, who is a beautiful creature of her own paints so colorfully with emotion. Although her play on words may be obscure, the meaning behind them, should you choose to look deeper, makes her so enthralling.